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Healthy Honkers!


From small satsumas to massive melons, boobs really do come in all shapes and sizes. Keeping your boobies healthy is super important no matter what stage of life you are living or what shape and size they are. All boobs are beautiful, so it’s down to you to help keep them healthy. We also know that for some of you lovely ladies, checking them out is anxiety-inducing; you hate that they are super-sized, you would have preferred little lemons, and what are you going to do if you find something scary?!


Don’t be an Ostrich! (They don’t have boobs)


Time to get your head out of the sand, cos there are no boobies down there, deal only with the ones on your chest, and breathe, girl, cos you have got this.


Monthly Melon Massage


So, in case you have been putting it off and making sandcastles instead, here is a quick reminder of what to do.


  1. Sit, stand or lie down
  2. Lift one arm clear above your head or off to the side
  3. Use the other hand and give them a good squeeze. Feel up, down, around and in a star shape. You need to feel it all, so busty babes should also lay on their sides so the boobs hang free.
  4. (Ok, it isn’t glamorous but keep going!)
  5. Look for lumps, bumps, sore bits, and skin changes.
  6. Report anything you are not sure about.


If you have a lovely partner in your life, you could even trade boobs for boobs or boobs for nuts and look after each other. Single ladies, solo also works. When you reach the mammogram age in your country, please go. It could genuinely save your life.


Phone Cases are Not Bras


Seriously ladies, do not use your cleavage as a mobile phone holder. Just because you have tatas large enough to hide a prisoner on the run, you should not be turning them into a handbag. There is enough evidence to support the potential cancer-causing damage the radiation levels in a phone could have, so why risk it? While we are on the subject, keys, lipstick, tampons, and cash should also be stored somewhere else!


Learn About Polyphenols


First, you can learn to say Polyphenols (Polly-fee-nols!) and then learn about fab cancer combating skills found in foods high in polyphenols. You do not have to have cancer to up the antioxidant levels, it’s also a great preventative measure. So, the best news is that the first two things we are going to tell you to eat and drink are dark chocolate and red wine. Who knew boob care could be so much fun! Polyphenols are also found in berries, cherries, grapes and apples, as well as eggs, nuts, spinach and asparagus, so plenty of choice for all foodies.


Finally, keep your girls comfortable with good-fitting support that cradles them well. Just because your boobies are bountiful, this doesn’t just mean the ugly old boulder-holder; there are plenty of sexy, fashionable choices from bras to crop tops and even busty boob tape. So, ladies, no excuses; keep those hooters healthy!

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