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Big Boobs? Bring on the Big ‘Tude


We love big boobs, and we cannot lie…! But we also know that for some women having melons instead of oranges is a daily struggle. So, we are here to offer support from one busty babe to another…it’s time to embrace the boobies and ooze confidence when you step out the door. You probably realised early on that if you have big boobs, you are going to have to have a big attitude to match, as we all know the very real frustrations faced by those of us that are well-endowed, so we have put together a few scenarios that we all face and some cracking advice on how to handle the situation with sass and a smile.


  1. Talk to the Face, Cos the Boobs Aren’t Listening!


Men or women, they all do it – if you have larger lemons, then you know that every conversation with a stranger starts with fighting your cleavage for eye contact. There are times when you just want to round your shoulders, cross your arms, and even hide behind a door, but ladies, hold your head up high; it’s 100% envy. They either want boobs like them, or they want to be with boobs like them, so brazen it out, beautiful! The sassy comment above turns your shame into their pain!


  1. The High Impact, Impact!


Exercise with a substantial cleavage can be painful, you move one way, and your boobs crash down into your chest in the opposite direction. You get FOMO, and you want to join in, but man alive, that impact really smarts! So how does a busty babe hit the gym, run for the bus or dive away from a big hairy spider without ending up with bruises and a corker of a black eye? It is a diva dilemma, but your best bet is substantial reinforcement! Luckily fashion has moved on from having to lace yourself into a corset and cut off your oxygen supply, so a well-fitting sports bra and a snug crop top working together should hold it all down, but it could also be a great way to get out the dreaded HIIT workouts.


  1. The Strapless Stress


Your bestie calls in a whirl of excitement, pleading with you to be her bridesmaid and in an instant, the room swims, you feel hot, and the strapless stress kicks in. The glossy magazine she shoves in your face shows the most gorgeous dress; it’s love at first sight until you realise it has no straps. How can she not realise the pain of letting the tatas go commando? There is no chance of hiding the boulder holder, and you would prefer your boobs around your neck, not your waist. Remember we promised you support? Well, it’s not just our kick-ass attitude hiding in our bag of tricks. Busty Boob Tape is here to hold your melons in place, even with a strapless dress. Feel totally secure and gorgeously glamorous all day long, and dive into that bouquet toss with the best of them. Big boob queens rock!








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